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day 1

This is our story of the first day!

The Morning Hug

The Morning Hug

The day took off with a “dynamic” in the park. There was everything a civicwiser would ask for! Talking, listening, silence, drawing and of course hugging. We exchanged our expectations in pairs for four times, every time drawing one part of our partner’s face. First the right eye, secondly nose, lips and finally all the rest. Apparently few of us were good at drawing but this did not prevent us to like each other!

Day 1 Tweet Deck

#GlocalCampLH #day01 today we started with a lot of hugs and drawings with #TendederoSocial #GlocalCampLH #day01 We did our collaborative profile pics by drawing #analogicfacebook #GlocalCampLH How do we make talent emerge and stay in L’Hospitalet #GlocalCampLH The talent is already in #districteculturaLH how do we create sinergies ? #AOnAnem #GlocalCampLH a new journal is born: follow and collaborate to #DonkeyJournal #CivicMedia How do we simplify the storytelling of #GlocalCampLH ? #DonkeyJournal

day 2

the day we really start the workshops!