???? What is the specific scope of the event?

Glocal Camp emerged as a necessary tool for the development of the international CivicWise network, so the scope of the event is diversified in two areas:

  • Collaborative networking: tools, protocols and spaces that enable collaboration and networking are explored and developed. Themes such as governance, communication, civic economy or collective entrepreneurship are tackled in-depth.
  • City and territory: our purpose is the initiation, research and development of new procedures that improve the width and depth of democracy applied to architectural, urban and territorial designs. We are architects, urban planners, economists, designers and other professionals with a common goal: the innovation of our territories from the citizen protagonism through civic participation and collaboration.

???? I’ve read that Glocal Camp is an open event, what does it mean exactly?

Anyone can attend the Glocal Camp. You do not need to be part of the CivicWise community to join the program activities. Participating in the event, you will have the opportunity to contribute to and learn from other people through dynamic events, activities through collaborative methodologies and collective creations. This will generate a powerful ecosystem of synergies fostering collaborations between people and projects in various cities around the world.

CivicWise is a distributed network whose main values are openness and transparency. Participating in the Glocal Camp you have the opportunity to attend the conferences, participate in the workshops and see the operation of the network from within, being part of the decision making processes throughout the meeting.


???? Is this your first event of this kind?

The event has already been done three times, the first edition was the Glocal Camp Paris in May 2016, the second was the Glocal Camp Valencia in November 2016, the third edition was the Glocal Camp L’Hospitalet in July 2017 and this one -Glocal Camp Canary Islands- will be the fourth.

In each of them about 50 professionals from different geographies joined forces to expand their knowledge in innovation and citizen empowerment for the cities and territories. We make sure that each edition takes place in a different city, and connects with different local realities in which we generate local impact applying our global knowledge and expertise.

???? What is the program? What will I do if I join the camp those days?

The program for the next Glocal Camp Canary Island 2018 is divided into 3 phases: (1) training workshops and local impact on the island of Gran Canaria, (2) research and development of the international CivicWise network and (3) dissemination, training workshops and local impact on the island of Tenerife.

The structure of the program is fixed, but the themes are flexible in all phases. Depending on the collaborators of the event and their needs for phases 1 and 3 and the needs of the CivicWise network for phase 2, the program is open for further development.

Phases 1 and 3 will be announced few weeks before the start of the event, while phase 2 (from 9th to 12th April), is a fluid one, remodeled almost every day during the International CivicWise Network Summit. In this way, CivicWise can analyze the issues and challenges defined afore and can work on them as priority and in depth. This approach not only allows for the generation of new ideas but also helps us develop our decision making processes.


???? How is Glocal Camp financed?

This is a non-profit event with the purpose of generating the physical meeting for the CivicWise international network. However, with the experience of past editions we increasingly value the possible connection and the impact of an event like this one -in which we gather about 50 high-level professionals from different parts of the world- with the local stakeholders of the territory in which Glocal Camp is developed. Out of these ideas, the different formats that surround the International CivicWise Network Summit are born. More accessible and open structures are developed to bond with agents, initiatives and local organizations that wish to join the knowledge and experiences of the members of the Global CivicWise Network. For this last edition we created an “Impulse Network” of collaborators, sponsors and supporters who along with CivicWise, co-finance and co-produce Glocal Camp.


????️‍♂️ Who organizes Glocal Camp?

The international network of CivicWise is the main organiser of the event. Special workgroups focusing on camp’s finance, communication and logistics work to make this event possible. As an extension of our conception of governance, these workgroups have been operating on the principles of self-management and collective intelligence. This  means we would love to hear your feedbacks or comments regarding the organization to make it better.


???? Is there a limited capacity for any of the events in the program?

It depends on the activity. For the conferences there is unlimited place until full capacity is reached. For training workshops there will be a limit of places depending on the workshops. These will be announced in the next few days on the program page, where we will be detailing the different workshops as they are confirmed. And also a good way to keep updated is to fill the registration form and receive the newsletters. The part corresponding to International CivicWise Network Summit is completely open. However, the ideal is to complete the form and confirm your participation as soon as possible, specifying which days you will join the Glocal Camp; this will help us a lot to manage the logistics of the camp, food and accommodation.


???????? How are issues such as accommodation, food and transport handled?

We have accommodation for 40 people on the island of Gran Canaria from April 4th to 12th. For the island of Tenerife we ​​are almost sealing up strategic collaborations that will allow us to have accommodation from April 13th to 15th.

For food, the organizing team is working to get new collaborators and sponsors to cover the full cost or, in the worst case scenario, reduce it to minimum amounts (€ 10-15 per person and day).

Transportation to the Canary Islands will be the responsibility of each attendee so we recommend that, if you have decided to come, buy the tickets as soon as possible. (Be sure to check the program to verify on which island the event takes place each day). Regarding transportation between the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife on April 12th, the organization of the event is in contact with different entities that will sponsor this transfer.

???? I am part of an entity interested in collaborating with Glocal Camp, how can we get more information?

We defined three ways of engagement with Glocal Camp Canary Island 2018. You can see how to contribute to and benefit from Glocal Camp through the “Impulse Network” page. If you are interested in being part of the event through any of these roles, you can get in touch with us through the different forms of collaboration, sponsorship and support or by the email info@canarias.glocal.camp.

???? I am very interested in the event and in the development of the CivicWise network, but it is impossible for me to attend those days to the Canary Islands. What can I do?

CivicWise has professionals and communities in dozens of cities around the world connected through our global network. If you are interested, you can contact the people in your nearest local circle so they can inform you about how to get involved remotely.


If you still have any questions or just want to suggest anything or comment regarding the organization of Glocal Camp, please do not hesitate to contact.????


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