Day 7 | Atlas from ‘La isleta’

The Canary Islands received last year some 17 million tourists. “This is a perfect laboratory for building alternative projects to mass tourism,” says Manuel. “Ecotourism is a very small minority, but now some very interesting ideas are beginning to develop on the island,” explains Shanti. One of these emerging projects is the Atlas (Alternative Travel Local Association).

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Day 4 | Game VS Play and Glocal connection

Internal working day. In the morning, the workshops of the week were planned and three of them were started: Gobernace, CivictechLab and CommoningLab.

In the afternoon, the Atlas coworking room – the association of Anzofé Street, in the heart of La Isleta, which hosts this year’s Glocal Camp 2018 – was the place where the connection via hangout with other nodes of the network took place. “We have to achieve a presence through digital,” reflected Mario, from Alicante.

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Day 3 | Cohousing WTF

The Glocal Camp 2018 starts to be counter-programmed in an irremediable way. Today in the morning two meetings are being held simultaneously: BarriosLAB and HabitatLAB. The first focuses on the pooling of local projects and initiatives that work on activating the territories at the neighborhood level. Among them, Mestura Puerto (Fasebase), Islario (Panic Studio), both local projects of CivicWise in Canarias; Activa Orriols, Sembra Orriols, Factoría Cívica and Xarxa Oberta (Carpe) from Valencia, and Ovestlab from Modena.

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